Learning from Authoritative Security Experiment Results

The 2014 LASER Workshop

Program Committee

Tiffany Frazier (Apogee Research), Co-Chair
Roy Maxion (CMU), Co-Chair
David Balenson (SRI International)
Matt Bishop (UC Davis)
Deanna Caputo (MITRE)
Pete Dinsmore (JHU/APL)
Richard Ford (Florida Institute of Technology)
Evan Fortunato (Apogee Research)
Greg Frazier (Apogee Research)
Deb Frincke (NSA)
Frank L. Greitzer (PsyberAnalytix LLC)
Shing-hon Lau (CMU)
Tom Longstaff (JHU/APL)
John McHugh (UNC, RedJack LLC)
Aad van Moorsel (Newcastle University)
Sean Peisert (UC Davis, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
Angela Sasse (University College London)
Kymie Tan (JPL)
Laura Tinnel (SRI International)
Laurie Williams (North Carolina State University)

Organizing Committee

Laura S. Tinnel (SRI International), General Chair
Tiffany Frazier (Apogee Research), Co-Program Chair
Roy Maxion (CMU), Co-Program Chair
David Balenson (SRI International), Treasurer/Local Arrangements
Sean Peisert (UC Davis, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), Publicity
Kevin Butler (Univ. of Oregon), Publications
Nathaniel Husted (Indiana University), Broadcasting/Video

Carrie Gates (Dell), Advisor
Greg Shannon (CMU/CERT), Advisor


The 2014 LASER proceedings are published by USENIX, which provides free, perpetual online access to technical papers. USENIX has been committed to the "Open Access to Research" movement since 2008.

Further Information

If you have questions or comments about LASER, or if you would like additional information about the workshop, contact us at: info@laser-workshop.org.

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