Learning from Authoritative Security Experiment Results

The 2014 LASER Workshop

Program Agenda

LASER was two full days on October 15-16, 2014. The program agenda included a combination of invited talks, panel discussions, paper presentations, works in progress (WIP), and other group discussions, all aimed at helping workshop attendees learn more about effective methods to perform sound science in the challenging cyber security domain.

Day 1: October 15

08:00 - Breakfast (Provided) and Registration

08:30 - Opening Remarks

08:45 - Invited Talk: Operationalizing Science

Speaker: Deb Frincke (Director of Research & Development, NSA)

09:45 - Break

10:15 - Discussion: What Does it Mean to Do Science, and Are We Doing It?

Facilitator: John McHugh (University of North Carolina and Redjack)

11:15 - Paper: Clusters and Markers for Keystroke Typing Rhythms

Authors: Shing-hon Lau (CMU) and Roy Maxion (CMU)

12:00 - Lunch (Provided)

13:00 - Invited Talk: Why Does Reproducibility in Computation Science Deserve Our Attention?

Speaker: Victoria Stodden (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

14:15 - Panel: How Did We Get Into This Mess, and How Will We Get Out?

Panelists: Sami Saydjari (Cyber Defense Agency) and Shing-hon Lau (CMU)

15:15 - Break

15:45 - WIP: The Dirty Secrets of SOCs: Anthropology, Primitive Societies, and Security Operations Centers

Authors: John McHugh, et al. (University of North Carolina and Redjack), Sathya Sundaramurthy (Kansas State University), Xinming (Simon) Ou (Kansas State University, Michael Wesch (Kansas State University), and S. Raj Rajagopalan (Honeywell ACS Labs)

16:45 - Adjourn

18:30 - Hosted Dinner

Day 2: October 16

08:00 - Breakfast (Provided) and Registration

08:30 - Opening Remarks

08:45 - Invited Talk: Statistics Done Wrong: Pitfalls of Experimentation

Speaker: Alex Reinhart (CMU)

09:45 - Break

10:15 - Paper: Text Entry Method Affects Password Security

Authors: Yulong Yang (Rutgers University), Janne Lindqvist (Rutgers University), Antti Oulasvirta (Aalto University)

11:00 - WIP: Cognitive Effort in Privacy Decision-Making vs. 3 x 4: Evaluation of a Pilot Experiment Design

Authors: Kovila P. L. Coopamootoo (Newcastle University, UK) and Thomas Gross (Newcastle University, UK)

12:00 - Lunch

13:00 - WIP: A Calibration Methodology for Networked Cybersecurity

Authors: Vineet Ghatge (USC), Prateek Jaipuria (USC) and Alefiya Hussain (USC)

14:00 - Invited Talk: Experiment Design

Speaker: Roy Maxion (CMU)

15:00 - Break

15:30 - Discussion and Closing Remarks

16:15 - Adjourn


The 2014 LASER proceedings are published by USENIX, which provides free, perpetual online access to technical papers. USENIX has been committed to the "Open Access to Research" movement since 2008.

Further Information

If you have questions or comments about LASER, or if you would like additional information about the workshop, contact us at: info@laser-workshop.org.

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